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What is puberty like for people with penises?

There are a few signs of puberty starting for people with penises or parts of the male anatomy. Here’s a breakdown of what might happen to you:

Wet dreams

This is a slang term for a sexual dream in which the dreamer ejaculates (releases fluid from the penis) during their sleep. This is completely normal and uncontrollable. As you get older this usually goes away or occurs less frequently.

Hair growth

Hair will begin to grow around this time, particularly around your pubic area (‘pubic’ refers to the area around the penis and testes). Hair will usually start to grow on the space above the penis below the abdomen, on your testicles (which some people call ‘balls’) and sometimes near the anus. Hair won’t grow on the penis shaft itself.

Genitals get bigger

During puberty, people with penises and testes will notice that they start to get bigger, which is one of the main indicators that puberty is taking place.

Sudden erections

You might experience erections (a hardening of the penis) that happen quite randomly. While this might seem embarrassing, it’s completely normal and will usually go away in a few minutes.

Pimples & body odour

Because of all the hormone changes going on during puberty, skin can become more oily which can lead to pimples. Hormones are also responsible for changes to body odour, but as long as you shower frequently and use deodorant the B.O factor won’t be too much of an issue.

Voice changes

Your voice will generally get deeper, and you will develop an Adam’s apple.

More hair!

Yes indeed, but this time it may appear on your chin, underarms, forearms and legs. When you reach full maturity, hair may grow thicker all over.

Growing all over

Everyone will begin to grow taller and gain weight each year during puberty. All this growing can make you pretty hungry, which is why it’s better to eat lots of fruit and veggies, not fried stuff. As a growing teenager, you need all the vitamins and minerals you can get.

Some people with penises may also experience some breast growth. This is really normal, but if you or a friend is feeling worried, talk to a doctor.

Check out this video for more info about these physical changes:

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