Online Banking

How do I keep my money safe online?

Online banking makes it simple to do your banking at any time of the day or night! There are a lot of advantages to online banking, it’s fast, easy, and you can do it almost anywhere on your computer or phone. Online banking uses your real money so it’s important to make sure you keep your account as secure as possible.

Here are some tips to make sure your banking is secure:
  • Keep your passwords safe
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone else
  • If you write down your passwords don’t keep them with your phone or computer
  • Have a password on your computer and passcode on your phone to keep them extra secure
  • Don’t use a public computer or public network to access your banking
  • Always sign out when you finish your banking
  • If you receive account updates on your phone delete them after reading them
  • Record your receipt numbers- if something goes wrong with a transfer you’ll have proof so your bank can help fix the problem

Check our MoneySmart Rookie for more tips!

Scam Alert!

Look out for fake emails from your bank, also known as phishing. These emails (sometimes they even use texts or call you) can be really convincing, they might even have a fake website set up that looks exactly like the real thing. These scammers are trying to get your details so they can log in to your bank account and steal your money, and sometimes even your identity.

If you receive an email, text or phone call you aren’t sure about don’t give away any information and don’t click on any links. You should contact your bank straight away to know what has happened. Check out MoneySmart’s page on phishing for more info and advice if you’ve been scammed.

Resolving issues

A mistaken transaction is when make a mistake when typing in the BSB or account number, and your money ends up going to the wrong person or company. An unauthorised transaction is when someone uses your account to make a transaction when you haven’t said it was ok. If either of these things has happened to you, call your bank as soon as possible. They should be able to help you get your money back. For more info check out MoneySmart’s guide to unauthorised and mistaken transactions.