Thank you


Judith Walker

Retired educator Judith Walker made a generous gift to the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls to support the formation of an online feminist educational resource for teachers – Rosie in the Classroom. Judith’s crucial donation was, in part, made possible through an inheritance from her mentor Elsie Robinson. Judith sees Rosie as a critical initiative which connects strongly with Elsie’s values, by empowering young women to develop personal strength and resilience.

Telematics Trust

Rosie in the Classroom would not have been possible without the support of the Telematics Trust. We were lucky enough to receive a grant from the Telematics Trust to help level up the Rosie website enabling the formation of Rosie in the Classroom. Their support means that teachers all over Australia can readily take a message of respect into their classroom.

US Consulate

The US Consulate have been an integral part of Rosie from the beginning. Seeing the potential of the project early on, they provided seed funding for both the initial website and the video series, and have also supported the Victorian Women’s Trust in a number of ways (Rosie is a national harm prevention initiative by the Dugdale Trust for Women & Girls (DTWG), of which the Victorian Women’s Trust is Trustee.) We proudly named Rosie after US feminist icon, Rosie the Riveter.