Young Carers

A young carer is someone under the age of 25 who helps care for someone who has an illness, a disability, a mental illness, or an alcohol or other drug problem. The person you care for might be a parent, sibling, grandparent, partner, friend or your own child. There are over 300,000 young carers in Australia so you are not alone.

Caring can be a positive experience but it can also make things difficult sometimes. It might make you feel a whole lot of things like happy, sad, angry or confused. If you are a carer it is important to remember to look after yourself too. Check out the Young Carers website for lots of tips on how to look after yourself. As a carer you can  get support from the government and non-government organisations.

If you are a carer and you need support, or just someone to talk to you can call Kids Helpline or Carers Australia.

Click here for a list of Support Services.