How to Handle a Bully

Getting help

If you or someone you know is experiencing bullying, don’t be silent about it. If someone’s behaviour is making you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to take the situation to someone in authority, who can solve the problem.

Talk to a trusted teacher, a family member, your coach, manager or a good friend about what’s going on.

And it’s important to remember that often the ‘bully’ is someone who is hurting inside. People who bully others do so because they don’t feel good. They might be feeling really lonely or angry or even scared.

By telling someone in authority what’s going on, you will be helping yourself and doing the bully a favour – they might finally get the help they need.

If you need to, you could also talk to a professional from one of these leading youth organisations listed below. They have trained counsellors available to talk you through any kind of problem, so don’t be shy.

Vlogger Carrie Fletcher, offers some insight into how to handle bullying and looks back on her own experiences with bullying while a student.

Click here for a list of Support Services.