Zero Poverty 2030

Zero Poverty 2030 is a campaign run by Global Citizen, an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, run in partnership with individuals and charities from around the world. The campaign aims to secure hundreds of thousands of signatures calling on governments to commit to provide full support toward ending extreme poverty by 2030.

Yes, ending extreme poverty within our lifetime is a difficult, but achievable, goal. Zero Poverty 2030 believe that extreme poverty is the greatest injustice facing our time. They believe a world that sees over one billion surviving on less than USD$1.25 a day, deprived of their basic rights and opportunities, is unjust and unacceptable.

However, there is good news. For the first time in history more progress is being made in tackling extreme poverty than ever before. Since 1990 the percentage of people living in extreme poverty has reduced from 43% to 21% in 2010, even when taking into account population growth.

The World Bank explains that to reduce extreme poverty to less than 3% by 2030 will require a fall in poverty by about one percentage point per year, which is on par with the average per year reduction we have achieved globally since 1980. This is an achievable goal given recent experience, but will require strong and on-going commitment. The final steps will be the most challenging.

Check out Zero Poverty 2030 to find out how you can get involved and end extreme poverty.