A Guide to Talking to Your Doctor

Some subjects are hard to bring up with your doctor but we promise, this one does get easier! But if you really, really can’t stand the idea of talking about sex or the health of your fun bits with your usual GP, we highly recommend heading to your local sexual health clinic. The staff there are highly trained and are totally used to talking about these topics with young people.

Hot Tip: When it comes to your sexual health, there are no stupid questions. 

What is a sexual health clinic?

A Government-fun clinic that offers you the chance to talk to professionals other than your local GP about your sexual health. They offer bulk billing for services (meaning you don’t have to pay anything if you have a Medicare card). If you don’t have a Medicare card, you may still be able to access the services, but will need to contact the clinic directly to find out more details.

How to broach those tricky subjects

Just remember that doctors and nurses at these centers spend their whole day talking about sex, so don’t be embarrassed to ask anything! The more you ask the more informed and prepared you will be.

Making an appointment

If you visit our Going to the doctor page you will find information about booking appointments and what to say when you book them.

Help in your area

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Your Rights
  • Your doctor or nurse is required by law to respect your confidentiality.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable at any time you can let your doctor or nurse know and they will assist you in any way possible.
  • Your sexual health is your business. However if you have contracted an STI you should notify any previous partners you have been intimate with in the past 3 months so that they can get tested also.