The Condom How-To

What are condoms?

Condoms are a cheap and easy way to prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

How do condoms work?

Here are a couple of quick clips that show you exactly how to use a condom properly:

You can view the video transcript here.

You can view the video transcript here.

How to put a condom on: step-by-step

This list might look long, but once you’ve done it a few times, it’ll be really easy. If you want to practice, try using a banana at home.

    1. Check the expiry date. If it is out of date, don’t use it! It could break during sex.
    2. Check that it is properly sealed. If it’s sticky or looks damaged, don’t use it.
    3. Tear the wrapper. Do not use scissors, jewellery, teeth or knives to open the wrapper, as you might end up putting a hole in the condom, which will make it useless.
    4. Make sure it is up the right way, with the curved peak pointing up. You won’t be able to roll down the condom, if it is up the wrong way.
    5. If the condom is up the wrong way, and it has also been in contact with a penis, get a new one and start again – the condom may already have body fluids on it.
    6. Once you are sure it is up the right way, place it on the tip of the penis.
    7. Gently roll the edges of the condom down. This may not work if the penis is flaccid (soft).
    8. Once you have rolled it down to the base of the penis shaft, cover the penis with a small amount of lubricant (otherwise known as ‘lube’). Do not use oil based products as lubricant, as it may cause the condom to break.
    9. So you’ve got it up the right way? Rolled it down to cover the penis shaft? Well, my friend you are ready to have intercourse! We’ll leave that part up to you
How to remove a condom: step-by-step

Knowing how to remove a condom is just as important as knowing how to put one on. If it’s done right you will prevent yourself from getting pregnant and also from contracting any sexually transmitted infections – which is a pretty darn good thing. So –

  1. Once your partner has ejaculated, you will need to hold the condom as your partner pulls out – that way no fluid can leak out of the condom.
  2. Pick up the condom with a tissue or paper towel and throw it away.
  3. And that’s it! If you follow these steps correctly, you will prevent potential pregnancy and possibly  sexually transmitted infections.
Where can I get condoms? What kinds of condoms are available?

Condoms are available at supermarkets, pharmacies, 7-11, your local doctor or family planning clinic, you can even find condom vending machines at bars! Have you heard of the female condom? Check out our post on barrier contraception to find out more!