Fit & Forget Contraception


These are contraceptive methods that are long-lasting and are excellent for women who cannot take the pill or who don’t want to have to remember to take something every day! While they do any excellent job of preventing pregnancy they do not protect against the spread of STI’s, so always use a condom as well.



This is an injection containing the hormone progesterone, it lasts for 12 weeks. A Depo-Provera injection acts by preventing ovulation and thickening the mucus at the entry to the womb to prevent sperm from entering. It is up to 99.7% effective. It can be a good option for women who are unable to take the pill. It will not protect you from STI’s.

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The Implanon is a soft rod-shaped implant, roughly 4cm long that is inserted by a doctor under the inner skin of your upper arm. It contains a hormone called progestogen and lasts for about three years. It is up to 99.9% effective and is an option for women who cannot take the pill.

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Intrauterine Devices

The Interuterine Device or IUD is a small plastic loop with a piece of nylon string at the end that is inserted into the uterus by a doctor. There are two types, copper and hormonal (sold as Mirena). They can be up to 99% effective and can last up to 5-10 years, however, neither the copper or hormonal type will protect you from STI’s.

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The Vaginal Ring

The Vaginal Ring (sold a NuvaRing) is a small, soft ring that contains both oestrogen and progestogen. It lasts for three weeks and acts by slowly releasing hormones during this time. A new ring can be inserted (like a tampon) a week after the previous one is removed.

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Where to go to get Contraception and more info:

You can read about other types of contraception here. Your local doctor (GP) will be able to help you decide what type of contraception is best for you. Have a read of this page for tips on how to go about visiting a doctor on your own.

You can also go to one of the many family planning clinics located across the country listed below. These centers provide free or very low cost, confidential health care, counselling, information and referral. They are also able to organise translators for free or a very low cost. Check out YEAH’s website to find your closest sexual health clinic.

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Western Australia: Perth Area and here
Tasmania: All Over
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If the above clinics aren’t near to you, this site lists all of the sexual health clinics Australia wide.


If you find that you are pregnant and don’t think you want to keep the baby there are many helpful and supportive places you can turn, click here for more information.

These sites may also be useful: Reachout,  Better Health-Victoria & Legal Stuff

Click here for a list of Support Services.