Choosing what type of contraception is right for you and your lifestyle can be a pretty big task. So here we will explain all (and we mean all) the different types of contraception available, and how well they prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

It is important to remember that no method of contraception is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy unless you practice abstinence (no sex at all).

If you do choose to have sex, give yourself the best chance to avoid pregnancy or  a sexually transmitted disease by learning to use contraception correctly.
So read up, click on the links below and if you need any further information or want to get your hands on some contraception head to your doctor or local family planning clinic ( links to clinic locations are at the end of this post).

Contraception types can be split into four different categories (click on the links for more info on each type):

– barriers (condoms etc)
– pills
– fit and forget methods (IUD etc)

Where to get contraception

Your local doctor (GP) will be able to help you decide what type of contraception is best for you. Have a read of this page for tips on how to go about visiting a doctor on your own.

You can also go to one of the many family planning  or sexual health clinics located across the country listed below. These centers provide free or very low cost, confidential health care, counselling, information and referral. They are also able to organise translators for free or a very low cost.

Victoria: Melbourne
New South Wales: Sydney Area
Queensland: Brisbane Area
South Australia: Adelaide Area
Western Australia: Perth Area 
Tasmania: All Over
Australian Capital Territory: All Over
Northern Territory: Darwin  & Palmerston Area

If the above clinics aren’t near to you, this site lists all of the sexual health clinics Australia wide.


If you find that you are pregnant and don’t think you want to keep the baby there are many helpful and supportive places you can turn, click here for more information.

These sites may also be useful: Reachout & Better Health-Victoria.