Vagina Self-Care

Your vagina is just like a little ecosystem. Cool! Wait – what does that mean?

This means it maintains and cleans itself. Have you ever noticed any discharge? This is a product of your vagina’s cleaning out process, on the inside of your actual vagina. Not sure which bit is the vagina? Click here to watch a clip explaining what’s what in the land of lady parts or take a look at this diagram. Basically, it’s inside you – and you never have to clean in there.

You should never put anything inside your vagina, with the intention of cleaning it. This means you should never put any soaps, douches, dettol, bleach (!) or any other kind of cleaning product inside your vagina. NEVER.

Soap + Vaginas = Not cool?

Exactly, if you do use soap down there you could disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria which keeps your vagina functioning normally. And if this good bacteria gets killed off, you could end up with Vaginal Thrush or Bacteria Vaginosis. Or if you get soap inside your Urethra (otherwise known as your pee-hole) you could get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which will make you feel really unwell.

The best way to clean your vulva (the outside)
  • spread your labia (or the ‘lips’ of your vaginal area)
  • use your hand (you could also use a wash cloth)
  • with some warm water, gently clean around the folds
  • and that’s it!
But what if it smells?

Vaginas are meant to have mild scent and every vagina has it’s own perfume. This is no problem!  The only time you should worry about the smell is if it is particularly pungent or noticeable, as this could be a sign of infection. If you’re worried about a possible infection, please talk to your doctor. You might need some antibiotics to help clear it up.