What is Medicare?

Save Money with Medicare!

Did you know that when you turn 15 you are eligible to get your own Medicare card?

This means you can go to the doctor without having to ask your mum or dad to borrow the Medicare card which can help avoid them asking questions you may not want to answer! This also means that you can go to a bulk-billing doctor, which can save you loads of cashola.

Getting your own Medicare Card

To bulk bill your doctor’s appointment, you need to provide your Medicare number. If you want to be able to do this without your parents or guardian knowing, you have two options:

  • At 15 years of age, you can get your own Medicare by filling out this form and heading to your nearest Department of Human Services Centre (you might know this as Centrelink).
  • Or you can ask the doctor’s receptionist to obtain your Medicare number through the confidential Medicare Hotline. To do this you will need to provide your full name and date of birth.

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