Joining a Sports Team

Forget you’re even exercising

For some, going for a run is a fun and therapeutic way to get the lungs working and the muscles moving. And that’s great, I’m jealous. For others (like me) running gets pretty boring after a while and I’d much rather sit at home eating hummus and watching Parks and Rec. But what if there was a way to exercise, without even realising it’s happening? This is where a team sport can come in very handy.

What are your options?

Essentially, they’re endless. Whether it’s netball, basketball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, even Quidditch, there’ll be a team out there for you. There are also plenty of mixed team options, so invite your man-friends too.

What if I’ve never played before?

No stress! Just find some friends who are interested and find a social league for the sport of your choice. A lot of communities/local councils run social leagues, particularly netball, basketball and Futsal (indoor soccer) with no experience necessary. You just register your team and start playing!

Where should I look?

Firstly, ask your school. Exercise is an essential part of well-being, so schools will encourage it in any form! This may be just for students, or the school grounds may be used for social sports by others.

Secondly, look online for options in your area. This can be as simple as typing in your suburb/local council and the sport you want to play, or asking friends and families if they know somewhere in particular. Check out national sports association websites to find a league in your area, try My Netball, My Football Club (soccer) or Basketball Australia.

Things to bear in mind:
  • While team sports are a great thing to do, they do require a commitment from the team members. So make sure you’re willing to commit to a season, and you choose others who are too.
  • They also usually cost money – generally no more than $10 a game, but make sure you can fit this into your budget.
  • Most team sports also have quite a “stop-start” nature, which can be tough on your ankles and knees. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, strapping any joints that might be vulnerable in these types of sports.