Beware of Drink Spiking

Drink spiking is common, and doesn’t just happen in nightclubs. People have their drinks spiked all over the place, at pubs, parties and in restaurants and unfortunately women are the most common targets. Drink spiking can be done as a prank but is also linked to crimes such as robbery and sexual assault. It doesn’t matter what the reason, all drink spiking is illegal.

One of the most common drugs used to spike drinks is GHB, also known as the date-rape drug or liquid ecstasy. It is a taste-less,  colourless, fast acting, depressive drug that leaves users with amnesia, impaired movement and speech.

To make sure your night isn’t ruined by a spiked drink follow these handy tips:

1. Party with people you trust.

2. Buy your own drinks. If someone wants to buy you a drink, go to the bar with them and take the drink directly from the bartender.

3. Don’t leave your drink unattended. If you go to the bathroom, get a friend to hold on to it for you.

4. Buy or bring drinks with a screw top. that way you can put it in your bag when you want to dance or go to the toilet.

5. If you think that your drink might have been spiked, don’t drink it.

6. If you see someone spike a drink, let a staff member know.

If it happens to a friend

If you think a friend has had their drink spiked and they are feeling unwell, confused or drunker than expected or having hallucinations, stay with them and move to a safe place. If they lose consciousness or deteriorate in any way call an ambulance. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you see someone you don’t know looking kind of spacey and out of it, ask them if they’re ok and if you can, try to help them get home safely. If they seem really confused or are falling asleep, notify the bar staff or an adult, and stay with them. If they start to deteriorate call an ambulance on 000.