Stress Less: 10 Tips

Feeling stressed out, a bit anxious or maybe you have some butterflies doing back flips in your tummy? Here a few techniques you can try to help calm your mind and feel more in control.

1. Brew a delicious cup of tea.

2. Give yourself an awesome foot bath.

3. Do some exercise or at least go for a bit of a stroll. 

4. Find an oil burner and burn some essential oils.
Oils like Lavender and ylang ylang are really good for calming the mind. You can also pop them directly on your wrist or neck for instant relaxation.

5. Try writing about how you feel. Putting pen to paper can help you organize your thoughts and help you see how you may go about finding solutions.

6. Listen to music you love.

7. Have a soak in the bath!
Amp it up with home-made bath bombs. Here’s an easy DIY

8. Clean your room.
Yep, this sounds really boring BUT it can really take your mind off things and make you feel more organised and in control. Most people also sleep more soundly in a tidy calm room. So it can’t hurt to give it a try. Here are a few tips for organizing your stuff

9. Make time for fun. Watch a movie, read a magazine from front to back, listen to live music or grab a mate and play scrabble. You could pick up some paints and get crafty.  Baking can also help you de-stress, and sharing it with a friend can make you feel great. Try these delicious and healthy Bliss Balls.

10. Cuddle a little animal.
If you can’t find one nearby have a look at this adorable (though slightly corny) clip!

And finally, if you feel like your stress or anxiety is getting to hard to handle, there are plenty of people you can talk to who are willing to help. Parents, teachers or school social workers can be a big support. Take a look at the links below to find out more.