You are Enough.

In this clip, model Cameron Russell talks about the power of image. As a fashion industry insider, she knows better than most how looks can really influence the way we view people.

Beyond photo re-touching Cameron says, the fashion industry does so much more to alter the way we perceive a person. She goes on to outline the stark contrast  between her life as a young woman (she was a bit of a tom-boy in real life) and how she appeared in her early photo shoots (a sexed-up, mature woman). As Cameron says of her modelling shots:

“These pictures aren’t photos of me. They are constructions by professionals – by hair stylists, make up artists, photographers, stylists and all their assistants, and pre-production and post-production. They build this, not me. This is not me.”

People often ask Cameron, ‘What is like to be a model?’ as if they think that *maaaybe* if they were thinner, had shinier hair, they would be happier people. In answering this question, Cameron points out an uncomfortable truth about modelling: models are insecure.

“If you ever wondered whether you would be happier with thinner thighs and shinier hair, you just need to meet a group of models. They have the thinnest thighs, the shiniest hair and the coolest clothes – but they are the most physically insecure women, probably on the planet.”

Something to think about for sure. It’s so important to be aware of these media constructs of beauty, of womanliness and see it for what it is – a narrow vision of how women should look or act. Don’t let the media fool you. You are enough.