Video Blogging: A How-To Guide

Ever thought about starting your own vlog or youtube channel, but didn’t know where to start? Well we’ve got some hot tips to help you on your way to stardom. Although it might seem simple to just shoot a video and upload it, there are a few things you should think about first to make sure your clip is top quality. That way you’ll get more views and followers. Check out this great video from YouTuber Lauren Fairweather to help you get started.

1. The Camera

You can shoot video on pretty much anything these days, your phone, computer or camera. So unless you want to go out and buy something new just use what you’ve already got. As long as your lighting and audio are good then the quality should look fine online. You might want to invest in a small tripod if you’re using a phone or camera, but you can always make do with propping it up on some books or whatever else you can find.

2. Audio

Having good quality sound in your video will make it look even better. Think about where you’re going to shoot it, try and find somewhere very quiet where there isn’t any background noise. This might mean it’s best to film inside, because sounds like wind or construction noises could really ruin your sound.

If you’ve found a nice quiet place then the in-built microphone on your phone, camera or computer should be fine. If you do want to get serious then you can buy a small microphone that you plug in to your camera, phone or computer to improve the sound quality.

3. Lighting 

Lighting is another important thing to think about before starting your shoot, it can make the difference between an amazing video and a terrible one. Don’t freak out though, you don’t need to rush out and buy a heap of expensive lights. Natural light can be all you need. Try to find a room with big windows and lots of light flooding in. Try to position your set up so that the sun (or other source of light) is behind the camera and pointing at your subject. If you’re videos are still too dark and you do want to think about getting some lights check out this blog to help you get started.

4. The Script

Think about what you want to say in your video blog before you start shooting. It might help to write out a script of everything you want to say. That way you won’t waffle on or lose track of what your saying – people love quick and to the point videos! You might want to do some research about the topic you want to talk about, or even watch a few videos on similar topics to help you get started.

5. The Shoot

Now this is the fun part! After you’ve set up your little studio you can get started. Remember you can film as much as you like because you can always edit it down. (so it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake) Try to film the video in order so it’s easier to edit later, or take notes while you’re filming so you don’t get confused when editing. You might want to film some extra footage as well just in case you need to fill in some time.

6. Editing

There are heaps of different editing software programs you can use, some of them will come free on your computer, like imovie and windows moviemaker or you can even edit on Youtube. If you want to make videos regularly you can buy a more professional program. It might take you a while to get used to the editing software so have a play around before starting on the real thing. Don’t forget music! Find a great backing track for your video that’s not too distracting and add it in – make sure it’s not louder than your voice or no one will be able to hear what you’re saying.

7. Upload

Now you’re nearly on your way to internet stardom, all you need to do is upload your finished video. The firs thing you’ll need to do is create a youtube channel, try to think of a catchy name so your channel stands out. Then upload your video to your channel and start sharing!

For more tips and tricks on vlogging check out Vlog Nation.

Georgie ProudGeorgie Proud
Georgie lives in Melbourne with a dog called Murphy and a cat called Worms. She is passionate about social justice issues and feminism, and is one of the co-creators of Rosie. She loves music, travelling and getting crafty.



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