Spare Time? Here's Some Fun Feminist Suggestions

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In light of everything that’s happening at the moment, we thought it handy to have a list of positive feminist things you can do in your spare time!

Here’s what Team Rosie is listening to, reading, following and watching: 


The Hate Race | Maxine Beneba Clarke

An incredible storyteller who really needs no introduction, Maxine Beneba Clarke’s memoir is a must-read. We follow young Maxine growing up in western Sydney as she struggles with race and belonging. If you’re keen for more Maxine Beneba Clarke’s, check out her International Women’s Day poem titled My Feminism.

Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies | Scarlet Curtis

Activist Scarlet Curtis has gathered some of her greatest friends and inspirations, each telling the story of what feminism means to them. You can also enjoy a partner podcast in which Scarlet Curtis speaks to writers about their stories. Guests include actress Saiorse Ronan, actress and activist Jameela Jamil and author Dolly Alderton to name a few.

A Stage Full of Shakespeare Stories | Angela McAllister + Alice Lindstrom

Our friend Alice Lindstrom has illustrated this beautiful collection of Shakespeare’s plays. Her mesmerising collage work compliments iconic works like The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Othello. It’s pretty dreamy.

A Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing | Melissa Banks

Melissa Banks writes a funny, witty and heartfelt book of a young woman’s expedition through life. Through a series of short stories we watch Jane grow up, have her heartbroken, learn from her mistakes and ultimately thrive. We reckon this one’s a sure favourite! 


Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia | Anita Hess

A great collection of stories compiled by award-winning author Anita Heiss. Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia showcases many diverse voices, experiences and stories on what it’s like to grow up Aboriginal in Australia. The perk of listening to the audiobook is that many of the stories are read by their authors.

Well Read Black Girl | Gloria Edim

This is an inspiring collection of essays written by black female writers, curated by Gloria Edim. This important anthology focuses on the importance of representation and seeing ourselves reflected in literature. Gloria Edim also runs an awesome online book club that shares the same name –  check it out @wellreadblackgirl on Instagram.

I Weigh | Jameela Jamil 

To save all of our isolation boredom Jameela Jamil has started a podcast – also called I Weigh. The podcast shares the same name and subject matter as her hit Instagram account, which shows us how to measure the amazing things about ourselves and not our weight. The first episode features Beanie Feldstein, the amazing actress we know and love for her work in Booksmart and LadyBird.

Woman with long dark hair and red lipstick (Jameela Jamil) holds one hand raised in a fist and one hand on her hip

Headspace Meditation

Headspace has made a great little range of mediations called Weathering the Storm both online and on their app, free to everyone.  It covers things like stress and feeling overwhelmed, navigating impermanence and change, the fundamentals of meditation and mindfulness, sleep + more. They’re only a few minutes long and definitely worth a go.


RosieRespect | @rosierepect

Over the next few weeks and beyond, we’ll continue to share content you want to see via our Insta. It’s the place to keep up to date with all things Rosie and get your regular fix of feminist queens and inspo. 

Tiddas 4 Tiddas | @tiddas4tiddas

Tiddas 4 Tiddas is an initiative by Kamilaroi sisters Marlee Silva & Keely Silva, that empowers young black women to know their worth and recognise what they’re capable of. Marlee also has a podcast of the same name.

#Quarantineartclub |@carsonellis

Why not get crafty in your down time? Search the hashtag #quarantineartclub on Instagram and start some of the challenges. Carsonnellis is sharing prompts every day of different arty suggestions.

And for some self care tips, beautiful illustrations and funnies, why not follow:

Recipes for Self Love | @recipesforselflove

This beautifully illustrated Instagram account shows us how to love yourself and feel good in a patriarchal world. 

Illustration of three girls wearing hijabs with the writing "have your girl's back"
Illustration of a girl lying on a bed with a houseplant next to her. Writing reads "Sometimes you just need to hide from the world"


Frances Cannon | @Frances_Cannon

Frances’s work on body positivity and self acceptance is always soothing, but especially in this time that is filled with so much uncertainty. Find her on Insta


Chimamanda Ngozi’s Ted Talk We Should All be Feminists

Award winning author and all-around hero gave this Ted Talk in 2017 and it’s still just as relevant today! Listen as she talks about how the patriarchy affects every life in different ways and how feminism can help us all. This was the speech later sampled by Beyonce in her tour so you know it must be great.

And for some more feel good watching:

The Bold Type

Watch Kat, Sutton and Jane navigate finding their identity, managing friendships and mending broken hearts, all the while working at the renowned magazine Scarlet (think Cosmopolitan). This is a fantastic fun feminist show filled with incredible outfits and good ol’ belly laughs. Find seasons 1- 4 on STAN.

Three Girls in snazzy outfits laughing and smiling in at a party
Jane the Virgin

Follow the story of Jane Villanueva’s life with crazy twists and turns from being accidentally artificially inseminated to running from a mob boss. With 100 episodes of beautiful mother-daughter bonding all on Netflix, this will definitely soothe your soul.

We hope this list of feminist things you can readily do from home helps to relieve anxieties and fears you may be having in this strange time. The most important thing is to take this one day at a time.

Don’t push yourself – if you feel like taking the day to watch gossip girl and drink tea then do it! But if you’re feeling like something productive and getting a little feminist learning in during your down time, give some of these suggestions a go. You won’t be disappointed.  


Rosie is a full-time masters student, and part time dumpling enthusiast. Her loves include second hand bookstores, her growing cactus collection and intersectional feminism.


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