Meet Rosie's New Editor, Sophie Bliss

Maddy + Sophie


A couple of months ago, we said our goodbyes to Maddy Crehan, beloved Rosie Editor of three and a half years. As she set off into a European summer sunset, Sophie stepped into the role, braving the the Melbourne winter cold. Under Maddy’s strict instructions to “keep smashing the patriarchy, queens!”, we have continued to do just that.

We sat down with Sophie to see how it’s going, and learn a bit more about what makes this feminist tick.


Tell us what you do outside of Rosie?

Well, living in Melbourne, I spend most of my time chasing the sun around the north side. I listen to music your parents love. I read and write and talk to my cat. I feed my friends. I make lists and talk about the classes I want to take. I swim. I like doing anything that gets me outside and reminds me to not take things too seriously. 


Simba, the cat.

Have you always been a feminist? 

I think so, yeah. I was raised with feminist values, but didn’t know what feminism was until I went to uni. I studied International Relations, and we covered political theories in the first semester. They introduced feminism about halfway through, and it all just clicked into place. It cast this lens over the world and crystallised it for me. It gave me a context for understanding issues and the language to talk about them. 


Who’s your feminist hero?

The women in my life. My ma, especially. She’s a very strong, resilient woman. I know that’s a bit of a cop out! I’m very fortunate to be surrounded with fantastic people who are always learning and teaching, pulling through everything they do with this generosity and humour that builds up everyone around them. 

Mama Bliss


What’s your job at Rosie?

To connect people, really. With ideas and resources and one another, most importantly. Rosie’s a place for getting real, straight up information to live well but it’s also about connecting to ideas and issues you care about and opportunities to get involved in that. My job is to put the people consuming Rosie at the centre of it. To make Rosie more about what you want to consume, and also help you create that yourself. 


With Rosie volunteers, Alice + Sanduni

What ideas do you have for Rosie?

Rosie’s and my love affair is in its infancy! Right now, I’m getting to know Rosie’s audience and what you’re into, and my ideas will come from that. Right now I’m looking for opportunities to listen. 


What do you want the Rosie gang to know?

That you’re absolute rockstars! Rosie readers’ and contributors’  are so engaged and articulate. Your ideas are out of this world. You’re passionate and knowledgeable about all these different subjects, and you’re really supportive of each other.  Keep writing into Rosie with what you’ve got to say, what you want more of, who you want to hear from. Rosie’s not just another site to climb onto or blog to read – it’s yours for the making.

I just want you to know we’re all ears, and I’m excited.


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