So You're Social Distancing - Here Are Our Top Tips

Chandler from Friends pressed up against a glass door.

As the community hunkers down to practice social distancing and halt the spread of the virus, we are all being challenged, maybe in ways we haven’t been before. While our ability to socialise and go about our business is restricted, it can be a bit of an adjustment. 

Here are our top tips for keeping cool, calm + collected in these tough times.

Pay attention to your morning routine 

It’s all about setting the tone for a day we’ll enjoy. A bangin’ morning routine helps us to get on top of things, rather than the other way around. 

Routine helps us feel balanced so, rise and: 

  • Meditate 
  • Wash your lovely face 
  • Get a good brekky into you 
  • Listen to your audiobook/podcasts/tunes
  • Tidy your room

→ Pro tip: If you’re at home all day, get out of your jammies during the day to help keep your body clock in check.

rachel and monica morning

If you’re studying, make a work space fit your good self 

Being in bed or on your couch all day might seem like a good idea (menstrual days excepted!) but it isn’t ideal day in, day out.

Make your workspace a place you want to be! 

  • Pop a pot plant on your desk or cut some flowers from the garden
  • Sit somewhere where you can see outside or facing something that makes your eyes happy
  • Have plenty of water or tea within reach
  • Have some chilled tunes playing (if that’s your vibe)

→ Pro tip 1: Try ocean waves or rain sounds if you’re prone to getting distracted by a sing-along
→ Pro tip 2: Flex that posture

If you’re studying, take breaks!

Don’t feel bad about taking breaks, we’re not robots. Most of us can only concentrate for 20-40 minutes at a time and all of us are at our most productive when we’re fresh. 

Break it up with:

→ Pro tip 1: Bliss Balls and homemade muesli are easy + yum options
→ Pro tip 2: Swap the screen for some sky; go outside for a few minutes or hit up a nearby park instead of Youtube. 


Stay connected

Staying home doesn’t have to be isolating. 

Hook yourself up with:

  • Lunch dates via Messenger/Skype/GoogleHangout 
  • An online book club – start your own with your mates
  • Games to play with your family like DIY scattergories, trivia, or jeopardy
  • A dose of the hilarious memes and gifs getting ’round on these interwebs

→ Pro tip: Constant access to news + social media can really overwhelm us. Limit your time on social media by leaving your phone somewhere you’re not tempted to pick it up all the time.  

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It doesn’t have to be a huge workout! 

You can:

  • Boogie to that song you secretly love to get the blood flowin’
  • Do some yoga 
  • Find YouTube workouts that match your mood. We may or may not have learned this 20 minute hip hop dance routine

→ Pro tip: Check in on your breathing a couple of times a day to centre yourself + relax. For 5 minutes, focus on sitting up straight with your shoulders back, deeply inhaling and exhaling from your stomach.

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Get into some hobbies/projects/things you’ve been meaning to do

Spending more time at home can become sluggish and monotonous. On the flip side, it’s the perfect time to finally do that thing you’ve been meaning to do for, well, ever. 

Phoebe from friends looks like she needs a little help knitting. | Knit crochet, Knit art, Crochet

We all have a part to play in looking after ourselves, our people + our community. Let’s stay productive, healthy and connected while we do. 

Team Rosie ❤

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