Rosie Campaign: End the Period Taboo

Getty Images; Illustration by Lauren Margit Jones for TIME

Have you ever hidden a pad or tampon in your hand on your way to the bathroom? Said you couldn’t go swimming because you were “sick”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Periods: half the world’s population experience them every month. Yet, for some reason, we are taught that they are embarrassing and shameful – something we have to keep secret. Well not anymore. We’re on a mission to smash the period taboo once and for all, but we need your help.

What we’re doing:

We want to eliminate the stigma so that we all can feel empowered, supported and proud of our periods. But first, we want to hear from young people about their experiences of periods in school environments and work out the best ways to improve the menstrual experience for students across the country.

How you can help:

By filling out this anonymous survey, you can help us get one step closer to improving the menstrual experience for students across Australia.

It only takes 5-10 mins to fill out, and there’s loads of sweet prize packs up for grabs, including earrings from Dorkus Design, Carly Findlay’s recent memoir, some fab scrunchies from Shy Hero and more. Do your bit for period power – fill out our survey and tell ya friends!

Take the survey

What you can win:

Dorkus Design Earrings

Dorkus Design is a jewellery and form play project by Melbourne based designer and maker Stephanie Watt. Working primarily with laser cut pieces which are finished and assembled by hand, Steph is known for her minimal and eye catching designs.

Say Hello by Carly Findlay

Say Hello is a beautifully honest and triumphant memoir from Carly Findlay, a woman who lives with a highly visible different appearance due to a rare skin condition.

Black Cockatoo Enamel Pin by Julia Chapman

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos are diurnal, raucous and noisy, and are often heard before being seen. This pin perfect accessory for you outfit, backpack or hat! Julia Chapman is an Australian Illustrator known for her detailed depictions of various natural subjects, namely many species of birds.

The Punk Factor by Rebecca Denton

The Punk Factor tells the story of two girls who start a punk band and are not afraid of being loud and getting into trouble, whatever the consequences.

Shy Hero Wild Flower Tee & Scrunchies

Shy Hero is about embracing and celebrating women and their bodies in all their forms. Bigger, thinner, bodies that started out life as male, little boobs, big bums, no bums, soft bellies, hard bellies. Shy Hero celebrates them all. Shy Hero make comfortable and beautiful clothes for women, the shy heroes of this world. All their garments are designed, printed and hand made in Melbourne by three magical women that love to dream and create. The team of three, Karina Newnham, Amy Masterson and Hilary Green, combined superpowers in 2016 following their shared values of slow fashion, gender equity, transparency, eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing.

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