Mood-boosting Tips That Make Perfect Sense!

Woman relaxing in nature amongst fern plants has her face turned toward the sky and the sun on her face.

I don’t need to tell you that times are (to put it lightly) a bit odd at the moment. We’re all feeling stressed and a little worried. The need to be engaged and the 24-hour news doesn’t help. Sometimes you need to take a moment and just reboot, recharge, perhaps do a timelord and just regenerate.

So, when your mood needs a boost in the coming days, engage with your five senses. It’s a really simple way to actively input joy into your day.


We all have favourite tastes that are sometimes-foods. But when you’re feeling down, having the skittles or making yourself a creamy pasta with garlic bread is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be a big cook-up – maybe all you need is a warming cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Tune in to what you really want and give it to yourself. 

My tastes: Tea, toast, Zappos and Fanta.  

smiling woman wearing pyjamas holding a warm drink and looking relaxed.


I think personally one of the most underrated senses. Whether it be a lovely fluffy blanket or perhaps the feel of sand in your toes it’s one not to miss. Do some extra exfoliation in the shower, pop on your comfiest pyjamas. And if none of that is working find a friend to give you a hug (pandemic excusing).

My touches: Bare feet in fresh grass, sleeping in a new set of sheets.

woman sitting cross legged on area rug surrounded by plants. her hands are in her lap and her head is tilted and her hair falling across her face. Read more: Stress Less Meditation Session

Struggling to deal? Yoga + meditation is exactly what you need. 


A great way to refresh your environment is to make it smell nice. Light a candle or perhaps more in line with the Australian summer, incense, a room spray or even a diffuser. If you’re working in a library or office this isn’t the easiest fix. I would suggest having a roll-on perfume you love the smell of or perhaps a little scent sachet in your purse. Personally, I have a little homemade teabag filled with rosemary in the bottom of my handbag. Makes my keys smell great and is always a lovely surprise if I need a pick me up.

woman wearing dress and headphones dancing to music

My scents: Jasmine, garlic and my mums’ perfume.


Music! Okay, music isn’t the only sound but it’s certainly my favourite. Taking a moment to dance and sing to your favourite song is going to raise your mood 10-fold. Spotify has a whole ‘mood’ section for this very reason, playlists filled with mood boosters and happy pop. There are so many other sounds that you can try, sounds of a rainforest, whale song. Or how about your favourite audiobook or podcast? 

My Sounds: Florence and the Machine, Whitney Houston and the Harry Potter audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry.

a woman sits in a cafe with her headphones in. she is looking at her phone and looking calm.

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Teen contributor Taylor explores the profound effect music has on the mind.


 We all have beautiful scenes that we enjoy. Think fields of sunflowers or maybe our families smiling faces. Why not jumping on a skype call with your best friends if you can’t be with them? Or cover your walls or perhaps computer background with scenes and images that inspire you. Check out our VWTRosieRespect‘s Instagram pages for some new inspiring artists to add to your insta feed. 

My Sights: My garden, my friends and family and poppies.

Anxiety and stress are very real and it’s important to acknowledge that and assist yourself in any way you can to fend them off. I would recommend (with my entirely non-expert opinion) engaging each of your senses at least once a day. Whether that be smelling a lovely candle or eating some homemade pizza for dinner.

Now go forth and make yourself some serotonin!

Rosie Ward

Rosie is a full-time masters student, and part time dumpling enthusiast. Her loves include second hand bookstores, her growing cactus collection and intersectional feminism.

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