Meet Sanduni, our New Editor

Last month we said goodbye to our queen of an editor, Sophie Bliss. Sophie has been an absolute star for the last two years — she wrote so many of our favourite articles, including a glossary for talking about racism and an article on smashing the stigma of sexual health —  was the coolest big sister we could have asked for. We’ll miss you Soph!

Alice, Sophie and Sanduni at the “About Bloody Time” launch.

Since Sophie departed, long time volunteer, Sanduni stepped in as the new Rosie Editor. We sat down with Sanduni to discuss teenhood, feminist media and the future of Rosie. 

So why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Sure, my name is Sanduni and I really relate to that Lisa Simpson quote: “I am interested in music, science, justice, animals, shapes and feelings.” If I were to add anything to that list it would include film, space, public transport, love and nature. 

Lisa Simpson Quote – “My interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapes, feelings.’ Image from:

I spend a lot of my time dancing in my room, daydreaming and trying to figure out if everything has meaning or if nothing has meaning (and if it matters at all). As you can tell, my brain is still recovering from the fogginess of being in lockdown, but I think we all are. 

I started volunteering at the Victorian Women’s Trust (Rosie’s parent organisation) almost three years ago because I wanted an outlet to push out all my raging feminist energy. During my time here I have grown from a baby feminist into a rad revolutionary (lol) and I cannot wait to see how Rosie and I grow together. 

What was your favourite part of your teen years?

My teen years were full of pondering, reflection and trying to figure out who I was. I had to, unfortunately, figure out what didn’t work for me to finally realise what did. Without that difficult exploration, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. My teen years were also full of wonder – the best and worst kinds. I spent a lot of time on Tumblr and Youtube, trying to find my people and my place. That younger me has a very special place in my heart.

What are your favourite feminist media recommendations?

My favourite TV show is Pose! I also watched She-Ra with my sister last year and loved it – super diverse and queer. Ackley Bridge is incredible too – also one of my lockdown faves. A lot of my favourite feminist songs are in an article I wrote last year and most of them still stand. Some of my favourite people to follow on Instagram are: @thefatsextherapist, @ihartericka, @bobo.matjila and @soju_gang.

Bow, Adora and Glimmer from “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” Image from:


What advice would you give to your teenage self?

As a teenager, I was so lost, super depressed and lonely. I didn’t really have any positive relationships in my life, and the worst of them all was the relationship I had with myself. You hear people telling you to ‘love yourself’ all the time as if you exist in a vacuum – practically though, it is so difficult to love yourself when the world won’t stop pointing out everything that is wrong with you. 

So I want to tell younger me that it’s not that there’s anything wrong with you – it’s just the world convincing you that there is. Unlearn all the BS the world has taught you and why it benefits from your insecurity. Keep on following that pure light within you that’s been there from the start – your gut, heart and soul know what is up. Be you. 

What do you think you are going to bring to Rosie?

Hopefully a lot of life, love and abundance – what I try to bring to everything I can. I want to be able to have more discussions about mental health, body image, race, class, sexuality, gender, ableism, and all of their intersections. I want to carry the energy of teenage girls, QTBIPOC, frogs, quokkas and the cosmos with me and through my work. I want this space to continue being a safe space for everyone, no matter who they are. I’m so excited!

A quokka – the cutest! Image from:


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