History is Made: Love Wins

State Library Lawn, Melbourne CBD. Image: Scott Barbour – Getty Images

Yesterday, the 15th of November 2017, history was made. Though the law has not officially been changed yet, an overwhelming majority of Australians expressed their support of the LGBTIQA community. 61.6% of Australians voted ‘yes’ in support of marriage equality. I stood in a sea of people at the State Library steps in Melbourne while we anxiously waited for the result. When it was finally announced (centuries overdue) the crowd erupted into tears, hugs and confetti.

Though there are still many issues to face before we achieve full equality in Australia, yesterday was one step closer in the right direction. And what a happy day it was. The emotion, love and colour in the air was indescribable; so here are some photos from all over the country to do it justice.



State Library Lawn, Melbourne CBD. Image: Scott Barbour/ Getty Images

State Library Lawn, Melbourne CBD. Image: David Crosling

State Library Lawn, Melbourne CBD. Scott Barbour/Getty Images.



Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills, Sydney. Image: Toby Zerna

Prince Alfred Park in Surry Hills, Sydney. Image: Toby Zerna

Alfred Park, Sydney. Image: Johanna Nicholson, ABC News



Senator Penny Wong reacts as she joins Parliamentarians as they watch the announcement of the results of the Marriage Equality survey in Canberra. Image: SBS




Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide. Image: David Mariuz




Brisbane CBD. Image: Claire Boughey, ABC News

Queens Park, Brisbane. Image: David Clark




South Hobart. Image: Sam Rosewarne



Northbridge Plaza in Perth. Image: outinperth.com




The Oaks Hotel in Darwin. Image: Justin Kennedy.


Let’s keep up the good fight Australia, and always show support for those around you! ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

If the plebiscite has been a difficult or emotional time for you and you need someone to talk to, Click here for a list of Support Services.

Maddy Crehan

Maddy regularly writes for Rosie, and is passionate about music, history, art and gender equality.

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