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It’s that time of year, friends! With Christmas ’round the bend, here’s 10 feminist gift ideas for all kinds of vibes and budgets.




1. Twisted candles

Flex Mami is at it again with the easy, gorgeous DIY decor! Twist and bend colourful candles into awesome gifts for your friends & fam (and maybe keep some for you). Super simple, easy and cheap. Thanks Flex <3

No description available.

2. Painted homewares 

Give old vases/jars/bowls/glasses/bottles a glow up with a fresh coat. If you don’t have anything you can paint at home, you can find plenty of goodies at your local op-shop for just a couple of bucks.

How to Paint Mason Jars with Chalk Paint

3. Make a playlist 

A mixtape but make it 2020. If you’re on a budget or just feeling sentimental, you can’t go wrong putting together a playlist that will make them laugh, cry, dance around and think of all the good times. Going for a feminist theme? Here’s some inspo.

Fiona Apple

4. Organise a picnic 

We don’t always have to buy things! Laying in the sun with a mate, snacking away and having a laugh is way better than any present we can think of. Grab a blanket, your fave tunes and nibbles and make a date.

white, orange, and black textile



5. @carladrawz

Wear your heart on your sleeve with Carla Scotto’s political pins! From just $5, there’s also stickers, cards, totes, prints and posters (some gorge A3 are free!). Profits from the Always Was, Always Will Be and Solidarity with Lebanon goods are donated to Clothing the Gap, Seed Mob and Lebanese Red Cross.


6. VWT shop 

VWT has gone and put seriously feminist and beautiful artwork by Michelle Pereira onto card bundles, posters, and tea-towels and we’re here for it. Prices range from $10-25. You can also snag a copy of About Bloody Time: the Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have.

Poster Bundle (3 pack - $10 off full price)

7. Reads 

What is Feminism, Why Do We Need It and Other Big Questions (ages 9-16)

With chapters like Work and Money, Politics and Power, Media, Education, Family and Bodies, this book looks at the feminist movement throughout history to present day issues and campaigns. An awesome intro to the movement for younger feminists. $20.99 from Readings.

What is Feminism? Why do we need It? And Other Big Questions

Women Don’t Owe You Pretty (ages 16+)

An accessible leap into feminism for people at all stages of their journey, seeking to reshape and transform the way they view themselves. In a world that tells women we’re either not enough or too much, it’s time we stop directing our anger and insecurities onto ourselves and start fighting back to re-shape the toxic structures of our patriarchal society. $29.99 from Readings.

Women Don't Owe You Pretty

Teen Breathe (ages 8-16years)

The go-to mindfulness magazine for young folks on living mindfully, actively, curiously and kindly. Issues are $13 online and at most news agencies, chock full of articles on teen life, mindfulness, community, activities, recipes + more.

Teen Breathe Issue 6 - Sealed with a smile – Lovatts Magazines

8. Embroidery kit

How about something they can make? Whether you’re craftsy or not, embroidery is an easy, chilled out activity. It’s actually shown to help us practice mindfulness, relieve stress, calm our mind and relax our body. Kits start at around $10.

Plants transparent embroidery kit for beginnerFlower diy image 0

9. Haus of Dizzy 

Handmade earrings, necklaces, badges, charm bracelets, hair accessories, personalised pieces, wall art and jewellery stands by Kristy Dickinson, a proud Wiradjuri woman. HOD has a cult following and is strongly committed aiding social and political action, collaborating with loads of not-for-profit organisations. Prices start from $5.

Designs by Haus of Dizzy - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)



10. Donate

If you want to give a gift that really gives, why not make a donation on their behalf to a charity doing some seriously awesome things? No donation is too small, just $1 makes all the difference. Some of our faves are:


Seed Mob

Indigenous Youth Climate Network working for a just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities, powered by renewable energy.

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network

Sisters Inside (QLD)

Advocates for the collective human rights of women and girls in prison and provides services to address their individual needs.

Campaigns | Sisters Inside

Pay The Rent

Pay The Rent scheme, encouraging individuals to right past wrongs by committing 1% of their income to First Nations people.

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Sophie is the Editor of Rosie. She lives in Melbourne, reads & chases the sun.


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