Feminist Gift Guide 2019

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Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to get gifting! We’ve put together a guide to finding the perfect gift with a barely disguised feminist agenda for every gal or pal in your life – whether they’re crafty, artsy or more of a bookworm. You might be tempted to keep some of these suggestions for yourself, too.


Budget a little tight? Don’t stress! The best gifts come from the heart, so why not embrace your inner Nanna and do some arts and crafts? Whether it’s key-chains, jewellery, bath bombs, or Leggy Confetti you can find plenty of inspo here.

About Bloody Time 

Our big sisters at the Victorian Women’s Trust (VWT) published a book this year! Co-written by feminist queens Karen Pickering and Jane Bennett, this book is a powerful call-to-arms for women everywhere to fight back against menstrual shame and taboo. With gorgeous illustrations by Michelle Pereira, Alice Lindstrome and Lucy Fahey, it’s the perfect gift for the feminist in your life. You can purchase it from VWT’s online shop or Readings bookstore.

‘About Bloody Time’ by by Karen Pickering (feminist organiser) and Jane Bennett (menstrual educator). Available at VWT Shop

VWT Posters + Greetings Cards 

VWT also has some awesome posters, old and new by Carol Porter and Michelle Pereira, that will be a sure fire hit with your feminist pals. Team VWT also paired up with Michelle Pereira to create three gorgeous greeting cards, perfect for the holiday season. You can check out all the posters and cards on the VWT online shop.

Michelle Pereira x VWT Greeting Cards (3 pack), available at VWT Shop


VWT’s ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected!’ poster, available at VWT Shop

F*EMS Zine

Need something for the creative feminist in your life? Shout them a copy of F*EMS Zine! F*EMS (Females for Equality Making Stuff) are a Melbourne based collective for female-identifying and non-binary creatives. They produce zines featuring inspiring work from local artists, poets, writers and other creatives, as well as running exhibitions, workshops and markets throughout the year. The best part? Zines are just $10 a pop. Get your hands on the latest edition here.

F*EMS Issue 14, available here


Pink Ember Studio 

If you haven’t heard of Pink Ember Studio, you’re missing out. This little shop/studio/creative space in Coburg stocks work from all your fave local artists, including Frances Cannon, Gemma Flack and Haus of Dizzy. If you’re friend is more the hands-on type, why not shout them a workshop? Pink Ember Studio regularly run a variety of classes, including body positive life drawing, screen printing and earring making. Head here for deets.


Feminist Stickers, Pins + Patches

Need some stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank? Feminist stickers, pins and patches are the answer! With prices starting at under $5, these little treasures allow you and your friends to flaunt your feminism without costing an arm and a leg! Check out LittleWomanGoods and FemmeNouvelle on Etsy.

LittleWomanGoods’ Waterbottle Stickers Pack. Available on Etsy


No One is Too Small to Make a Difference  

‘No One is Too Small to Make a Difference’ is a short read by the one and only Greta Thunberg, climate activist and our feminist icon of the year! In it, Greta details the ways in which all of us have the power to make a difference in the world, even if the world makes us feel increasingly powerless. ‘No One is Too Small to Make a Difference’ is available at Readings in both its ‘Expanded Edition’ and in its original. A short, moving read, perfect for Kris Kringle!

Greta Thunberg’s book ‘No One is Too Small to Make a Difference’ available at Readings 


Sarah is a sociology graduate and freelance writing living in Melbourne. She is fascinated by issues of gender, sexuality and psychology. She can often be found reading, listening to music and watching Broad City.

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