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Andrina Manon Talks Art and Girl Power

Rosie collaboration with illustrator Andrina Manon

A few months ago, we collaborated with Sydney-based artist Andrina Manon to create a custom Rosie illustration that celebrated the recent revamp of and one of our all-time-favourite things; girl power.

We’re a big fan of Andrina’s work. Her artwork covers female friendship, body positivity and, of course, girl power in many of her illustrations and she has been featured in publications like BlitzAccidental Discharge and The Ladies Network.

She kindly answered some questions for us about her work and the wonderful world of women in the arts. Enjoy!

Have you always known you wanted to be an artist? What inspired you to follow this dream?

I have been drawing and painting since as early as I can remember. I always knew that I wanted to do something creative and spent my days reading comic books and picture books, dreaming of making my own one day. But it was only when I started sharing my work online and received such lovely feedback from strangers all around the world did it really sink in that creating art could be my career!

There are so many amazing women creating art in Australia today! Who are your top three favourites?

Ahhh there are too many to name! But at the moment I am absolutely loving the work of Martina Martian, Chloe Jasmine and Sha’an D’anthes. They each have such unique styles and I can tell that they are so committed to their work which I find really inspiring.

Illustration by Andrina Manon

Can you tell us about your ‘100 Days of Watercolour’ challenge?

This was a self directed project that I created for myself with the aim to create a watercolour painting everyday for 100 days. The aim of this project was to push my ideas, explore my illustration style, discover new techniques and create a new body of work. I was so surprised by how challenging this project was – life can get so busy! Some days I just couldn’t even find the time to sit down and paint which meant that this “100 Day” challenge actually ended up taking about six months to complete. But when I finished the 100th watercolour painting I was so proud that I didn’t give up and had committed to the project right to the end!

You do lots of illustrations of people, women in particular. Are these fictional characters or do you draw (pardon the pun) inspiration from real life?

It’s usually a combination of amazing characters I spot in real life and dreamy people I imagine. There are times when I’m walking around the city or sitting in a cafe and I’ll spot something bizarre which inspires me and makes me want to run home and whip out my paints straight away!

What made you want to collaborate with Rosie?

As soon as Maddy from the Rosie team reached out I could feel that Rosie was amazing. I was so excited to work with an organisation that focuses on empowering, supporting and connecting women. I also LOVED the retro aesthetic and references to Rosie the Riveter on the Rosie blog and website. These lovely elements inspired the illustration I created for Rosie.

Illustration by Andrina Manon

Do you have any advice for emerging artists?

Yes!! Just start doing what you’re thinking of doing! If you want to start a blog or an Etsy shop or an Instagram account for your art – just do it. Don’t overthink it or compare yourself to others, just start somewhere and take small steps towards your bigger goals! Oh, and don’t be afraid to reach out to other artists and designers for advice 🙂

If you want to check out more of Andrina’s work you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest

Maddy Crehan

Maddy regularly writes for Rosie, and is passionate about music, history, art and gender equality.

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